Annissa Khanna

Writer, Blogger, Designer, Speaker

There’s every reason for me to say I was born a writer, but everyone starts somewhere. The introspection that comes from reflecting on your voice and others, through creative expression along with the parallel of written expression, adds beautiful vocabulary and definition to everything. I’ve been very fortunate through my writing lifestyle, especially as a freshman in high school- from speaking in civic engagement and public forums in front of crowds of several hundred, and just waking up every morning to a short story. I’ve studied writing and speech extensively at Columbia University’s high school immersion programs, as well as at the University of Massachusetts, producing award-winning work. I’m so incredibly blessed to have crossed paths with MPS and I’ve fallen in love with the process. My film acting and theatre thrill is a huge factor to my storytelling mind- spending all my time studying under the words of Sanford Meisner and Stella Alder, yearning for the glittering Los Angeles, and returning to Manhattan. I love a good story- and a good conversation. 

To me that’s everything. And what I love is to MPS that’s more. 

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