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Who We Are

Models & Photographers Society represents a collective of creative people that emphasizes on inspiring friendship and creativity throughout our community, regardless of experience level or professionalism. Our group hosts meetups and assists companies with creating content. The beauty of MPS is that one doesn't need to be a "professional" in order to join, but simply a passion for creativity.

​MPS was founded on October 1, 2017, and since then, we have continued to expand our flourishing community. Each month, we have a meetup where our creatives gather together and take pictures. Aside from taking pictures, the meetups allow people to interact with each other and to just have fun!

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How It Began

​"My name is Tyler Malad (@tylermalad), the founder of MPS. Back in August of 2017, I held a photography meetup with Justina Brandt (@shotbyjustina). We had a big turnout and got to meet tons of new people that shared our passion! It was a lot of fun and everyone received quality pictures from the meetup.

Later in September that year, I then thought to myself, “What if we had our own group where we held meetups and got our community together to take pictures?” I recognized the multitude of aspiring young creatives within my area, as well as in the surrounding cities. However, there needed to be a way to bring everyone together to share their passions collaboratively, rather than individually. At that point, I reached out to the talented creatives I met at the meetup in August. Together, we put together MPS, or Models & Photographers Society, at the start of October.

We wanted to create a group that our young community could revolve around, and ultimately be able to grow together. In a way, our name may imply that one needs to be a “professional” in order to be in MPS. This is definitely not the case. Regardless of experience level or professionalism, people are encouraged to come to our meetups. The only thing we ask, is that anyone that comes should come with a passion for creativity.

It started off as a basic school club, but now, I am proud to say that MPS is a country-wide community organization! I am so glad that we can all come together to share our passion for creativity." -Founder


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What We're Doing

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Creating a community of like-minded individuals.

It's no secret that building a freelance business of any kind is difficult in this day in age. That's where we are here to help, by starting off the networking process for you. MPS is your resource to find a community of people who want to grow in their creative passion and meet others who have the same interests. We at MPS want to be the starting point, and for you to continue to grow beyond us.

Bringing creatives from amateur to professional.

MPS is for anyone, regardless of their level of experience or background in photography or modelling. We are here to help build a community of people who are here to learn and grow, while supporting one another along the way. 

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Providing the resources needed to begin your business.

With resources like MPS Perspective and the Job Board on our Instagram, aspiring creatives have everything they need to start their own freelance business and pursue their interests fully. We at MPS want to ensure that you have all the basics ready so you are prepared with whatever you need to pursue your creative interests fully.

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