5 Photographers Who Maximize their use of Minimalism

1. Minh T. (@thismintymoment)

Coming across Minh T.’s work was an exciting discovery. Not only is his Instagram feed absolutely stunning, his work has a uniqueness to it that you don’t find in much minimalistic photography. It’s not just the composition and balance that makes his work so stunning, but it’s the content itself, and his creativity in how he uses everyday sights to create something beautiful.

2. Sara (@misskittinn)

Sara’s work has a magical element to it, rich with pinks and blues and purples. The surrealist elements of it make it unique in her usage of taking more ordinary sights and making them magical.

3. Stavros Kastrinakis (@kastrinakisst)

Stavros Kastrinakis’ work shows the dynamic between people and nature, taking seemingly ordinary and candid moments and creating beautiful balances with them. His work uses the ocean, buildings, and other elements of nature to add beautiful pops of color to his work.

4. Frederico Vicente (@fesvicente)

Frederico Vicente’s photography depicts beautiful scenes of city life, showing beautiful balances of lights and darks and striking angles. Although only a fraction of his work is actually monochrome, his work commonly features natural blacks and whites, creating stunning balances in every photo.

5.Luis Leite (@lemleite)

Not only is Luis Leite’s work stunning as it is, but it also is all done with phone photography, adding a candid element to all of his work. He takes seemingly normal, potentially unnoticed moments, and captures them in beautiful ways.

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