5 Photographers Who Perfectly Utilize a Colorful Palette

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

1. Derrick Freske

If you’ve spent any time looking at the portrait photography community on Instagram, you’ve probably heard of Derrick Freske. Distinct in his use of vibrant colors and textures with perfectly balanced palettes, Freske’s work is unique and perfectly executed.

2. Que Duong

Although not all of Que’s work is portraiture, the universal constant throughout his work is this stellar ability to make his subjects all match one color palette. Every photo is perfectly refined, showing his skill and precision in making good work.

3. Joelle Grace

Everything from the styling of her models to the composition of her photos shows Joelle Grace’s ability to create a dynamic photo with a perfect use of color. Her use of complimentary colors show an understanding of color theory that helps to make her photos that much better.

4. Alexsey Reyes

Alexsey Reyes utilizes color in a unique way, incorporating the color palettes’ of his photos into unique editing techniques. The understanding of balancing colors in his photography and his editing contributes to the high quality of his work.

5. Deana Staci

Deana Stacia’s work is full of creativity, from the styling of the models to her choices of color. There is no work quite like hers, and her creativity makes her work striking and rememberable.

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