5 Under 5k: Our Favorite Photographers

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

One of MPS’s biggest priorities is supporting developing or small-time photographers as they continue to build their platform. Making it in the photography business is difficult, and oftentimes the number of followers that someone has isn’t necessarily an accurate reflection of their experience or skill. We believe that it is super important to help support every photographer, and in this article, we wanted to share some of our favorite photographers with under 5,000 Instagram followers.

1. Allison Park (@allisonparkk)

Allison's work is full of creativity, taking liberties with the typical portrait to create stunning, one of a kind work. Her body of work ranges from digital to film to webcam photography, showing her ability to utilize whatever she has to make great work.

2. Seth Stomerger (@snappedbyseth)

Seth’s work creates beautiful balances of landscapes and portraits that are distinct to his work. His photography often is set in fields and mountains, causing anyone seeing his work to want to get lost in a field in Kentucky.

3. Vora (@vora.x)

Vora’s work is full of interesting compositions, vivid colors, and creative ideas, all of which causing her work to be unique and distinctive. Her work is expressive and interesting, showcasing fashion and the models’ personalities in the best way possible.

4. Co (@cothephotographer)

Although Co only has 12 pictures on her instagram page, us and her other 3100 followers see the incredible potential that her work has. Her photography is original, unique, and has been carefully crafted with every styling choice, composition, and lighting decision, causing her work to be that much more impressive.

5. Ozzy Vidrio (@ozzyd2)

Ozzy’s photography utilizes the best that film has to offer, creating work that is full of multiple exposures, bright colors, and distinctive focus techniques. Their photography is primarily stills from music videos, however is still unique in the specific moments they are able to capture.

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