5 Youth Artists to Watch in 2021

With the new year starting, we’re on the lookout for up and coming youth artists! Here are five of our favorites from this year so far:

1. @emsartttt

Check out more of their work here: https://emilyhazelip77.wixsite.com/emsart

2. @001tea

This piece was a commissioned piece to celebrate @Pride reaching 1 million followers! You can view more of their art and purchase prints here: https://www.inprnt.com/gallery/001tea/

3. @pocketsizedquasar

They are also in the midst of a webcomic based on Herman Mellville’s Moby Dick! Check it out here: http://mobydick-thecomic.com/comics/first

4. @floppy.bun

They are also in the midst of a webcomic, The Lighthouse! Check it out here: http://the-lighthouse.webcomic.ws/comics/1#content-start

5. @moowsie

You can view more of their work here: https://www.instagram.com/moowsie/

If you’re a youth artist, email teammpscreatives@gmail.com to have your art featured in MPS Perspective’s Monthly Collective!

To view the January Monthly Collective: https://www.mpscreatives.org/post/tmc-january-2021-edition

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