Advice for Beginners

Photography and Writing by William Koning.

1. You know what they say practice makes perfect. While I don’t know if that is fully true, practice in photography is one of the biggest things to help you improve. Especially when you start shooting in manual, it is the most important thing. You don’t want to be looking at your settings and checking over and over again--it can hinder your creative ability to get that perfect shot. The moral of the story: go out and shoot! Literally, text your friend and ask them to have a photo shoot, no one is going to turn down free photos!

2. Don’t ignore your weird ideas. In fact, embrace them. Sometimes if I am feeling creatively blocked, I will play a game where I choose one random object or a theme or concept that will force me to think creatively, and then end up with a great end product. Other times, I will have specific concepts that are based on feelings I have.

3. Get a mentor! Having someone to help you on shoots or with editing or with picking photos. It really does help to have an experienced photographer there to help you along the way. I was really blessed to have one of my best friends help me and still helps me get better and show my best photos. Artistic input and critiques are really important for you to get better. If you don’t have someone there to help you, reviewing your own work and watching critiques on youtube helps as well. Like editing an essay, you should revise, edit and analyze your photos. Find what you could have done better and taken that into account for next time.

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