Becoming a Confident Social Media Influencer

What’s something that you notice in your favorite social media influencers? Whether they have a platform on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube, the world’s leading social media personalities display characteristics of confidence in themselves and what they do! Being confident on social media, and being passionate about what you choose to deliver to your following, makes all the difference in your content as a whole and encourages people to stay engaged with you and your stories. Social media users are very observant, and can easily pick up on signs of insecurity, so, how can one put their best foot forward on social media to gain a strong platform?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to change who you are in order to be confident. Instead, follow these four tips to boost your social media presence, putting your best face on for others, and most importantly, yourself!

Create a Profile That You Look Forward to Posting On

The easiest way to feel confident on social media is to feel good about how you are being portrayed! You want to make sure that you love the way others see you when they look at your profile. So, ask yourself these questions. Are you happy with the way you look at your content? Are you happy with the messages you share? If not, maybe it’s time to make a change! You want to make sure that you are choosing photos that best represent your style and personality, whether that be through your clothing, hair style, or even facial expressions. Also, choose to create a bio on your profile that describes the things you love in a nutshell, whether that be about a food, sport, or whatever you love, choose what highlights you best!

Set a Clear Mission and Stand By It

The best work is often produced from passion. When you choose a theme that you want to promote, whether it be self love, fashion, food, or anything else you enjoy teaching, having a clear idea of what you want to base your profile on is necessary to a strong and unique content creator. Take some time to really think about the messages and ideas that you want to share with the public. What do you want your followers to gain after viewing your content? Once you have this question answered, make sure that idea is evident on your profile and aim to find the right ways to share it.

Show Up For Your Followers

As a social media influencer, it is important that you post content often to keep your followers engaged! Aim to post a certain amount of times per week. Whether it be a video, picture, or in some cases a story post, it is always great to let your followers know that they are important to you. Once your followers know that you are making an effort to connect with them, you will feel more confident when sharing with them because you’ll know that your voice matters. Once you grow the confidence to share your voice, knowing that people want to see and hear from you, you will produce strong content that sets you apart from others. But, this all starts with being consistent on your profile.

Know Your Worth

Social media is a playing ground for many types of personalities, as there are people who will support you, and sadly also people who will try to throw negativity your way. Remember that negative people are inevitable, and that you are as amazing as you tell yourself you are! As long as you are positive about the work you produce, and put hard work into your content, it is guaranteed that you can positively impact someone who comes across your profile. We all relate to each other much more than we think, and your stories and experiences are valuable in many ways. Don’t ever let anyone else tell you differently, especially someone hiding behind a screen!

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