Building a Team (+ Our Team at MPS) with Branches

When launching yourself into creating content for an organization, small business, or even an everyday event, having a team is essential to filling in roles and dividing a project into manageable areas. Here at MPS we’ve put together a grounded team with designated areas, which we’ll share with you in this post.

If you’re putting together a group of people for a specific cause, it calls for members who support and are passionate about your mission, not just one’s work hours or commitment, which should be a given. Assigning roles to each person not only allows an increased concentration on the individual tasks at hand, but requires collaboration and communication between members as well.

photo by Justina Brandt

Start by defining the goal. You likely already have an idea in mind of what you want this team to accomplish, so take your goal and break it into skill sets. For example, if your goal is to start a website that sells products on a frequent basis, different requirements for roles would be to create products, manage the website, design/layout, and customer service. Then, match the candidates to the skills, either by choosing people based on the area, or using the team members you already have, and appointing them to a task.

It’s also important to define the culture/mood of your team. Are you looking for a young, appealing way of branding yourself, or a professional, engaging way of displaying your content. Make sure your team knows, and is in alignment with your processes, as well as their requirements for a good team.

Here’s how we do it at MPS:

The Team: The team members are the five people who overlook the bigger picture of MPS, as well as the details, they make up the team that keep MPS and its services running.

1: Director: The MPS director, Justina Brandt manages the leadership position in the organization, and ensures each member of the team is on board with putting plans and projects into action.

2: Communications Lead: Tyler Malad, who was also the founder of MPS, is the communications lead who manages a majority of the email exchanges and interactions with clients.

3: Editorial Lead: Our editorial lead is Annissa Khanna, who is also an MPS Author and manages all things blog content creation, interviews, newsletters, and future planning.

4: Design and Media Lead: The MPS media management is Nikki Sepasyar’s role, who manages Social Media and posting schedules.

5: Events Coordinator: Sophia Gabal is our events coordinator and arranges our monthly meetups, as well as our MPS Annual Magazine.

The Ambassadors: MPS Ambassadors are those who want to be more involved and represent MPS. They want to take their passion for creativity to the next tier, and are a representative of the community of photographers, models, and creatives that MPS serves.

The Authors: The authors are the writers here at MPS, who write up the content for our blog, and provide the resources the youth needs from hearing other accomplished stories, to inspiration and information in their creative industries.

Overall, a strong team is essential to create a functioning and cooperative, long term and short term outcome. With a hard working group of people, who communicate, collaborate, and share a strong passion of commitment, a well thought out team is the final result.

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