Giving Your Best Service to Clients

Photo by Nicole Zerkel (@nicolezpics)

When it comes to booking shoots or even working as a creative with clients, it’s important to be able to establish your credibility with them. At times it can be intimidating when you’re first working as a professional in your industry, but it’s important to be able to go into the shoot or other creative pursuit with a knowledge of what to expect and how to perform. It’s essential in any field, especially highly competitive ones, that not only you know what you’re doing but how you are going to do it. In theory, imagine that you’re a professional over an amateur, and that allows you to visualize yourself as you go further into your fields and creative pursuits. We put together a few tips, so you go in as an amateur with a professional mindset and come out as a professional with a professional mindset.

1: Have contracts and pre-written agreements with your clients.

Having agreements in writing that are clearly set and structured, and can be referenced, is a professional way of outlining you and your clients rights. This varies based on the creative industry you are pursuing, however many will appreciate an agreement in writing, for safety, clarity, and a layout of information. With this, you’re able to confirm anything and reference when needed. You can check out a post we have on creating client contracts here.

2: Address them professionally, even if you somewhat know them.

In the professional world you’ll always be addressing people professionally. It can help to address clients professionally that way they sense your ability to work with them. Not only does it make you look like you know what you’re doing, but it puts emphasis on the strength of your work. Having said that, make sure you still stay friendly and likable to your clients.

3: Be confident

It’s a cliché, but confidence is key. If you’re not able to pull yourself together and display yourself the way you would want someone to display themself to you as a client, then they will know. Make sure you’re confident in your abilities and learn what it’s like to go from amateur to professional.

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