How to find + Market your Passion in Five Steps

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Photo by Justina Brandt of Kaelyn Dunnell

Marketing yourself off of a sole creation inside your head-in and out of photoshoots-is undeniably one of the most foundational aspects of being a creative. Whether you have a “solid” idea that will make its way to other young and amateur artists, or whether it is something that stays within you and the lens of your camera can be one of the most daunting parts of the industry. Every creative finds their way to this spotlight through their individuality, but we came up with a few fundamental steps for you to grow off of.

01. Finding why your passion is there.

Do you like to create because of your strong vision for taking photos or because of your drive to become a professional creative? Do you like to take photos or model? Where and why do you like to shoot? Do you like to be on or off-camera, and do you do it because you truly love it? Asking these questions creates a bigger picture of your art, Finding a vision of what you want your work to look like is the most critical step to successful creation. The more you look the more you'll see- what I mean by that is find those of reference, are you a Steve McCurry or Stella Maxwell? How would you like to envision your work? Can you imagine a world where you don't take photos? Asking these questions creates body in your art, and shatters the barrier between your eye’s vision and the lens' vision.

02. Creating individuality.

When starting any sort of creative endeavor, whether that be photography or modeling, it's hard to establish an individual voice in your work. Having your audience distinctly recognize your work by the style of the capture, whereas who shot it, is one of the most filling parts of the step towards a creative’s journey, bringing us to the importance of marketing.

03. Establish your qualifications.

This is the first step to marketing yourself to your clients. What makes you the most qualified creative you can be is knowing why you are doing what you're doing. If you have any of your photography to showcase, try gathering it into one place. Files, physical or digital are game-changers when it comes to keeping organized.

4. Create a blog/website

One of the most popular and convenient ways to showcase your work is through creating a portfolio or a website that has a wide range of photography. This allows you to book clients and work in collaborations with other creatives. You can add an artistic touch and it’s fully customizable to your photos- and if you’re a model, be sure to include shots with your left and right profiles. One of the best ways to keep your technique going on a regular basis is to schedule in time to focus on shooting. Try fitting in time to meet your favorite creatives. This will inspire you to keep going with your process- and learn more each time. Reach out to as many people as you can on as many platforms as possible. Building your support system and your audience is critical- so do not hesitate to share your shots. Use your vision to make your work like no other, this is the time to bring out your inner artist.

5. “Practice Makes Perfect”

It’s very true-and the most critical step. It's easy to stay in your comfort zone and keep taking the same type of shots over and over again. The most effective way to grow is to challenge yourself with something you don't normally shoot with, that way you get a different perspective on what you do often vision. Don't stop taking photos, even when you think you have "nothing" to photograph. You do. Keep looking.

And, most of all, trust your vision.

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