How To Grow As A Photographer

Photo by Will Koning (

We have all seen the photographers blowing up lately, whether that is on Instagram or Tik Tok or wherever. We also see those Instagram reels telling you how to blow just like they did. You don’t need to blow up on Instagram or Tik Tok to be a successful photographer that makes money and works with brands. Here are some tips to grow as a photographer:

1. Reach out to brands.

They can always say no, but they can’t say yes unless you ask. This is a cliche, but there is no harm in sending a DM or an email to a small business or company to ask if they need pictures. This is a good way to gain experience working with companies. I would suggest for very small businesses you should dm them, but for bigger companies, write an email along with your portfolio. Make a website that they can peruse, but also attach 1-2 of your best photos.

2. Reels

This is the obvious one. To grow your audience just start making Instagram Reels and Tik Toks. You might blow up, or you might not. You never know till you try it. Try and be consistent when you post them. Twice a week at your highest times of engagement is the best way to do it.

3. Influencers

This is a similar one to reaching out to brands, but again, they can always say no. Just reach out to big and small influencers and ask them to shoot. It is really nice to get some free pictures for them and you might just gain a few followers, plus networking with them to gain connections is also a good idea.

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