How to Have a Successful Shoot as a Photographer

Cover Photo by Yara-El Menyawy.

1. Be Prepared

This may sound kind of obvious, but try and prepare a day before. There are so many different parts you have to remember that it helps to have everything lined up ahead of time. For my photoshoots, I usually have a few different things like props, obviously my camera, a wardrobe, etc.. I like to lay them down near the door before because forgetting them would be a mess. I also contact the model in advance and then a follow-up text the night before to make sure everything is in order, and then I send the location we are meeting at again.

2. Have an idea of the shots you want and what vibe you want the photos to be.

That means knowing the location, looking at different places you can shoot. Make sure multiple different backgrounds would look good. This also means coordinating the outfit ahead of time or even bringing some outfits. Also, look at the weather and see what it looks like for that day to know if you need to bring a reflector for lighting or other things you might want to bring if it is a certain temperature outside.

3. Choose the right model, location, and date.

First, figure out your concept, theme, or idea for the shoot. If it doesn’t have a specific concept, then what genre of photos do you want to take? Are they going to be edgy or are they going to be vintage and pretty? From there choose your location. Then choose the model you think can convey that message or vibe the best. Then obviously choose a date. And if you need certain weather conditions check the weather that week to see what would be the best day.

4. Let’s talk about the model.

Make sure they feel comfortable!! Don’t be the creepy photographer! Always ask if they are okay with a pose and pick up on signals if you think they might be uncomfortable.

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