How to Start a Blog as a Creative

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Creating a blog is one of the most useful platforms of productivity you can use- whether you are an individual creative or just in search of a way to display your work and get it out there. There are dozens of reasons to consider launching a blog, it is a network tool that can branch out to several upcoming opportunities, and one that is an incredible experience as a whole.

Why start a blog?

Flexibility. For those of you with hectic schedules- blogging is for you. It pays a decent amount without designated hours, and you have a solid income feeding into your bank account. It can be extremely challenging to find a job in the midst of everything, so blogging is a higher-paying side hustle that makes fast money on the go. Aside from the financial aspect, it is great for building a strong resume that can show future employers what you are capable of and have a motivational drive. You are able to showcase your work to clients, and have a beautiful experience in the making!

01. Find a management site to create a website.

Wix, WordPress, SquareSpace, BlogSpot,* any type of blogging platform that suits your needs and taste is the first step to creating a blog. Most of the time you have an option to decide which type of site you would like to create (photography, style, etc.) and you can either design one yourself or pay to hire a professional designer. This is great for beginners and those interested in blogging long-term, without the fear of anything getting lost or missing.

02. Pick a host.

To get your site live to the public, you need a host (such as Bluehost)* which only charges $2.95-$5.95 on a monthly basis, depending on which plan you choose- and you will instantly notice that your site will be receiving a lot of views almost instantaneously.

03. Choosing a domain + name

This will be the “name” of your blog. Be creative! Some things to consider- make it less complicated and more easy to remember, and make sure the URL is available! The host site will let you know if a domain is unavailable (it won’t let you submit until you have one that’s not taken)- keep trying until you find the right name!

04. Designing your Blog

The exciting part- you will most likely be taken to a page that shows you template options that are fully customizable and you can decide what you would like your site design to come across as. If you prefer a theme that is not on your site you can try templates from other sites such as 17th Avenue Designs.* Your site should reflect you and your inner vision- keep playing with it until you find it to fit your taste!

Note: If you are writing to showcase your work in a portfolio, click here for a blog post on our site.

And the final tip is to keep creating content. Uploading more work shows commitment and over time, one of the most useful parts in becoming a creative.

*disclaimer: the affiliate sites mentioned are not sponsored under any circumstances they are solely for examples of resources that may be used for web design

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