How to Upgrade Your Work as a Photographer

Photo by William Koning

Are you stuck? Are you no longer inspired? Are your pictures not what they used to be? Don’t fret because, for a small fee, all that inspiration and zeal you once had will double! Well, not really, but I can tell you what helped me start creating better and better photos with each shoot I do.

1. Have a concept/theme

This is very important. To create beautifully composed and artistic photos, you should have an idea or theme for what you want or think the photos will be. I used to just pick a location and a person and hope it would turn out. I didn’t have a concept, theme, or any idea about what types of photos I would be taking. You don’t have to have some emotionally deep concept about your dark past, but it really does help to have some sort of plan.

2. Choose the right clothes and styling

This is also quite important. This goes along with the color palette and composition. A cool outfit can change the whole vibe of the shoot, and create something editorial. Outfits don’t have to be expensive to look “Vogue.” If you have a smaller budget, go thrifting! You can find some really weird and cool stuff that you can mix and match to showcase something that will add a lot of visual interest to the photo. If you want to spend a little more money, you can go to H&M or even Target and find a cool dress or top!

3. Find your voice

As a photographer, it is so so so important to find your voice and what you want to show and tell the world through your photos. Once you understand that, coming up with creative ideas and ways to display them will be a lot easier. It will still be a challenge to come up with ideas and new projects, but it will be easier because you will have narrowed down your search. However, once you have found your niche and your voice, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t branch out aesthetically. You should always be growing in different styles of your photos, but each of those different styles should still be saying the same thing to give a cohesive vibe to your work.

4. Pick your model

You should always pick the model for the job. You need the right model to fit the theme, and sometimes that means picking someone with experience, or that you have worked with before. I love using all different types of people, each of them uniquely talented at showing a given emotion and concept.

5. Think creatively

I always want to show beautiful and creative and insane pictures. I want to push the boundaries and create things others have never seen. I want to make people uncomfortable in the best way possible. I want to surprise people. To do this, I don’t use every idea I have. I think about different ideas and elaborate on them. I write them down and then ponder them. Often when I am driving and listening to music is when I am most creative and get my best ideas. The songs usually put me in an emotional state where I can think outside the box, think about past experiences, and get influenced by the unconventional sounds in the songs. I love listening to @loonymoonchild because her songs are different and new. R&B is a big one and alternative or just weird music is great when you are feeling blocked.

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