“The most important thing I’ve learned is to never be content, never be stagnant, and to grow. And keep growing.”

Calvin’s passion for pictures started like most-- with phone photography. “I got into photo bc when I was younger I would take pics with my iPod and edit them using iPhone apps thinking I was so cool!” He tells us it was an amazing creative outlet for him, as well as fashion/street style, and music. “I think it's important to have an outlet regardless of what it is,” he says. Another thing he loves is Basketball. He is currently studying Business Admin and Cinematic Arts at USC.

At some point in their photography career, people usually lose passion, but for Calvin, his enthusiasm was refreshed. He explains that he has “been encouraged to continue photography because I just started getting into concert photography.” He talks about how “music is a very large inspiration in my photo concepts.” He speaks about how photography has almost saved him. Photographing his role models has been really amazing for him.“I still get emotional thinking about my growth from my freshman year,” he says. “I was very lost and down in the dumps because things weren't ever going my way. I listened to music to take me anywhere else, but wherever I was back then to now being able to shoot for some of my biggest inspirations and role models.”

Not only has Calvin been growing in his concert photography, but also fashion photography. He tells us about how he forms a photograph and tells us what can break or make the photo. “I think that 80% of a photo is styling,” he says. “Without the right clothes, a photo could completely fall apart. When I’m trying to convey a certain feeling or emotion, I want to make sure every single thing in the photo portrays that and clothes are definitely a big factor in this.”

Certain things helped Calvin that he wants to pass on to photographers or just artists, in general. In journaling, he reveals his disorganization, and how writing things down has been freeing for him. “I think balance is the most important thing anyone can have in their life,” he says. “Although school is important, it's also important that you're able to do other things that challenge other aspects of your life.” Another tip is to just be creative and have outlets. He says that he “would tell anyone interested in art in general to create. Create anything. The world always needs more creativity.” Finally, go out and learn, and grow. “The most important thing that I’ve learned,” he says. “Is to never be content, never be stagnant, and grow. And keep growing.”

Additionally, he talks about how outlets can be good for everyone. “I think it's important to have an outlet regardless of what it is. I have so many emotions and feelings that I just need to get out. Having a creative outlet allows me to get all my emotions out and clear my mind so that I can continue with my life, it's very therapeutic.”

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