SPOTLIGHT: Prince Gyasi

Prince Gyasi is a 23 year-old Ghanaian visual artist from Accra, Ghana, where he expresses the stories of the underrepresented and underprivileged. Prince tells these stories through an intense focus on color, which he sees as therapeutic and a facet through which to “transform” emotion.

Prince’s photography career began in high school. As he experimented on his iPhone, he found a niche both for breaking the norm of photography and photography itself. Prince has since grown his photography career solely with his iPhone, something that he positively views as a “challenge” for his artistic development.

Through Prince’s photography, he gives a platform to those pushed away and marginalized by society. Most of his work is focused in his hometown Accra, where he is able to tie specific colors to human emotions and themes. His work also highlights the beauty of black skin in a world that denies it.

As the co-founder of BoxedKids, an organization that helps underprivileged children from Jamestown, Accra, Prince is a prominent member of his community. By raising funds for their education, he has been able to ensure bright futures that are interwoven with creative exploration.

In addition to being signed to Nil Galley Paris in 2018, Prince’s work has been featured at the Seattle Art Fair 2018, the Pulse Miami Beach Contemporary art fair, and the Investec Cape Town art fair. He recently finished a project with Apple called “A Great Day in Accra,” highlighting the Hiplife music scene in Ghana. He has been interviewed about his work by BBC World and BBC Africa.

You can check out more of Prince Gyasi's Work Here:

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