MEET THE CREATIVE: Edrienne Hester

“I’ve always loved to stand out, and modeling truly helps me achieve that.”

Edrienne Hester is a 15 year old rising sophomore from a small town in New Jersey. Hester has a passion for modeling which started when she was a kid. This passion stemmed from her love of performing onstage; she feels as if modeling fit in with that passion perfectly.

photo of Edrienne Hester

“I absolutely love musical theatre because it allows me the ability to become someone I’m not. Getting a complete stranger to laugh at something I do or clap after a hard note I hit is one of the most incredible feelings of all time,” Hester remarks.

The ‘missing piece to the puzzle’ came in when Hester first started modeling and kick started her career. “I think that the experience of being onstage in front of people helped me in the early stages of my modeling career, as I sort of lost that initial fear of being in front of people.”

Despite Hester’s passion for modeling, she is well-aware of all of the toxicity surrounding the industry, as she says, “I have heard the word no many times. Sometimes I’ve been rejected because of very minor things.” In the beginning of her career, it was harder to face rejection.

However, as her career progressed, she was able to face rejection more gracefully, saying, “I’ve come to realize that the word ‘no’ is truly a ‘not now.’ You really can’t compare your career to other girls’, because everyone’s path is different.” She also advises people just starting their own careers to have that same mindset, because it makes handling rejection so much easier.

The thing that inspires Hester to continue her modeling career is the industry’s standard’s becoming less ‘one size fits all.’ To her, it’s inspiring to see more body-positivity within the industry. She hopes that others feel just as inspired by that as she does.

You can check out Edrienne’s work @edrienne.hester

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