“For some reason, photography has always been there. I never get tired of it and I believe seeing my progress over the years has really been the fuel to my fire.”

Growth, by far, has to be photographer Bella Sofia's number one motivation that has brought her the success she has today. Finding her passion as a photographer came early through her developing growth mindset and her strong desire to bring her work forward. “Photography is one of my priorities because it is my job, my love for it has grown so much,” Bella tells MPS Perspective. She was able to find her passion from scrolling through her social media, finding herself, “fascinated by images in magazines and on Instagram.”

Finding that passion did not come easy. We asked Bella how she found photography, and she tells us, “I struggled to find my passion because I was consumed with finding one at a certain moment instead of letting it happen organically.” Bella didn’t find that passion overnight, nor did she do it by herself. It was something that she became noticed for, and it all worked from the outside in. “I was able to find it because I had friends and family to point out the gift God gave me,” she shares, “ and once I realized it, I loved it.”

Bella just graduated from San Clemente High School and will be starting college in the fall. She keeps herself motivated about her job and photography by her progress, and it is inevitable that her success and accomplishments will increase as she continues her work. For her, the love for photography clicked fast, “When I was in high school, I was not the best at balancing school and photography, I missed class one time to go to a photo shoot and meet with one of my favorite photographers.”

When not pursuing her interests with photography, you will still catch Bella with a camera in her hand, “I love making little videos of random things, and just events in my life. I’m obsessed with cinematography and the creativity behind it, I would love to learn more about it.” Bella’s desire to learn more, and constantly grow and progress will continue to reflect on her media presence, more and more.

Bella does not shy from telling us what she's learned, “From how to network with people, grow in craftsmanship, and know the ins and outs of my camera. I’m incredibly thankful to have received such amazing wisdom from my peers, teachers, and my favorite photographers.”

Her success has taken her far, and she wishes the best for others as well. In addition to her drive, and passion, she reminds us that with motivation comes hard work.

“Practice! If photography is a passion of yours, and you want to pursue it, put in 100%. Practice makes perfect.”

Bella is all for finding your own style of what you put out into the world.

“Do not strive to be like other photographers,” Bella explains to MPS Perspective, “but work on finding your own style.” She strives to remind us how we should find our inspiration but not our strengths from others. She wants us to find our growth and passions, but in our own light.

Bella wishes to inspire other young photographers and creatives, “Embrace the fact that you are uniquely made with your own creative mind. Do not envy the success of others, because, from personal experience, you won’t get anywhere,” she explains, “Instead, focus on how you want to improve and be thankful for where you are currently because it is better than where you started.” Bella is a strong example of being your own advocate and supporter, pushing yourself to find your individual growth. Her words of advice not only create a new atmosphere for photographers but also a new way of looking at success and the art within itself.

Most of all, keep your mind open. “I’ve learned so much,” she says, “and I would love to learn more!”

You can find more of Bella's work here:

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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