“I love music because it helps me to release a lot of my stress and anxiety.”

Nic Jacome (@niciskingmusic) is a seventeen year old musician from Newport Beach, California. He released his first EP titled “Domain” in 2018, but recently rebranded and released his first single “Revive” under the artist name NICISKING. He plans on releasing another single in the coming months, so be sure to follow him to receive updates on that!

“I got into music because of my mother,” Nic says. “She used to be a radio host, so my house was filled with her vinyls, CDs, and tapes.” Since a young age, Nic has participated in musicals, concerts, and other productions at his school, which has given him a chance to learn more about music and performing.

Nic shares how one of the best ways to learn more about music is to listen to lots of it. Some of his favorite artists include Gorillaz, Depeche Mode, Coldplay, and The Cure, many of whom he looks up to when writing and producing his own songs. “I love music because it helps me to release a lot of my stress and anxiety.” Aside from writing music and performing, Nic says that he also enjoys writing plays as a creative outlet— two of which have been performed at his high school.

“Something I would tell someone interested in music is to just go for it,” says Nic. He encourages young songwriters such as himself to keep creating music in order to refine their sound and get better. “I’ve learned more about my own sound as I’ve worked on my music,” he says, then admits, “the first song I wrote was terrible… but everyone starts somewhere.”

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