Navigating Paid Photoshoots

Photo by Will Koning

Getting paid for your work is one of the best things that can happen as a photographer. It is awesome to know that people will pay for something that you create. However, this comes with a lot of challenges. You need to answer questions such as when you’re available, how much you should charge, etc.

1. When should you start charging?

When people are willing to pay! If clients want you to take photos, then you should do it! For example, people don’t give away free food because they don’t think it is good enough or because some people won’t like it. Don’t sell yourself short! If you have a service you can provide, do that!

2. How much should you charge?

Now, this can be based more on experience but also on how much people are willing to pay. And this isn’t something that you should keep forever. Your prices should increase with the quality of your work and the time it takes to produce. I am not going to give you a certain number because everyone’s work is different.

3. Hourly, or per session?

This is something that I have recently changed my mind on. A lot of photographers charge hourly, but in my experience, that hasn’t worked so well. I don’t want to be stuck with a client taking photos that I don’t need. If you have what you need, then stop taking the photos. If you get paid per session, you can be done when you have all the photos, but if someone pays you for an hour, then you generally would have to stay there for an hour. If the client wants something that would take longer then you can raise the price, so that you are still getting fairly compensated.

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