Places to Shoot: Photoshoot Location Ideas

It’s known that the hours when you shoot as well as the location are the most vital components to capturing the detail in a photoshoot, so we’ve put together a few tips on how to ensure the best of your work comes through. Making sure your work fits a theme, is structured and represents the mood of what you’re trying to portray is essential.

Photo by Tyler Malad

Everything is centered around the mood of what you’re trying to capture.

If you’re aiming for darker, shadowy photos, try shooting in an alley or in a dim lit parking garage. These areas offer a mood and create a story of a mysterious and intriguing theme. Having said that, some other places to shoot are:

1: An open field/landscape

For a colorful, bright collection of photos with lots of nature and greenery around, shooting in an empty field is the perfect idea. If you’re looking for a floral effect, find a garden in your area, and if you’re looking for a wild effect, go as close as you can to trees and woods. This will help you create a cheerful effect, that can be revised and edited into darker effects if need be. Photographers tend to love the depth that comes with the open settings, so keep that in mind when deciding on a place to shoot.

2: Unique Buildings

There’s a ton of different buildings that are extremely creative for shooting: a retro dinner, vintage library, barn houses, and old theaters each being something unique and special to a photo, while maintaining a theme that is flexible and can be viewed in several ways.

3: Cities

If you live in California, cities like Los Angles will give you a vintage effect with a sunny view, and emphasizes the city around you. Colored walls are common in cities, empty train tracks, train stations, staircases, graffiti walls, rooftops, whatever you can find! The best thing about shooting in a city is the possibilities are endless and you’re able to have a lot going on in the background, while never taking away from the focus of the photo.

4: Beaches, Lakes, Rivers

Bodies of water enhance and display the relaxing environment, with effects such as breezes, sunsets, sunrises, and waves that add to the photos. There are a handful of different shoots you could do by the water, and it has naturally good lighting which is always great when shooting.

A good amount of our photographers here at MPS love to shoot at golden hour, as the photos are illuminated to the perfect extent, however you can shoot any time that fits the mood of what you are trying to create.

Most of all, take advantage of the several photo opportunities there are around you, and have fun!

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