The Best Photo Editing Apps to Make Your Instagram Pop

We all know that feeling, rushing to perfectly edit our Instagram selfies and memories to share with our followers. It can be hard to find the perfect mixture of exposure, sharpness and saturation to make your content just right, but we’ve found some of the perfect apps to help make the process of editing your photos quicker and easier to do.

Photo by Justina Brandt


Widely known for its many editing options, VSCO stands true as a huge helping hand when your photos are in need of a boost. Whether you are looking to add bright colors for a warm and summery vibe, or darker tones for a more mellow and dark academia look, VSCO will make your visions come true. The app offers a wide variety of filters as well as the options of adding shadow tints, grain, and even fixing the appearance of your skin tone for those photos with underwhelming lighting. VSCO is also a great editing app to use if you have an overall theme for your instagram feed, as it will keep your photos cohesive and precisely designed. VSCO is free but offers 130 exclusive filters and so much more for $19.99 a year.

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

Adobe Lightroom will have your Instagram photos looking on point and professionally taken! The app allows its users to completely transform photos with over 100 available filters and tools such as crop, noise reduction, and a healing brush. All photos used in Adobe are also automatically saved into your cloud, so no edits will be lost and you can go back to any photo whenever you'd like. Adobe Lightroom offers a free trial, but then costs $9.99 a month for premium features and further use.

Snap Speed

Snap Speed is the perfect “on the go” editing app for your Instagram Photos. It perfectly sections your basic editing needs such as cropping and healing, but also includes innovative features such as expanding and tuning your image, which helps improve the overall appearance of any photo you chose. The app offers over 20 options for editing and best of all, it's free!


Later’s best feature is definitely the fact that it allows you to visually plan how your content will look even before you post it. This is extremely helpful for showing users exactly what needs to be done to their photos as well as if it is Insta worthy. You also have the ability to schedule posts once you've created the perfect order. The app also offers 24 filters as well as the ability to crop photos, and once again, best of all, it's free for users to indulge in!

So, now that you know what all of these incredible photo editing tools can offer, go out there and make your Instagram account pop. Happy editing!

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