What Makes an MPS Creative

MPS Perspective is fulfilled around being a creative- bringing together a community like no other to expand and break horizons. We bring young creatives to see through the mind of a lens- and zoom in and out of what takes one photo to the next level- perspective.

So what makes a creative?

If you create your work from a place of vision, if you see through a lens the same way you see life. You capture moments that weren’t there before- and you save memories to show to the public eye. You use your vision to spread your work and take it to the next level. You use what you have to show others the same perspective.

Then we bring you the idea of perception. You open your work to show that each individual captures the light of the camera’s lens differently. You let that develop your mindset, and grow your knowledge. That knowledge comes forth in the work you produce, ready to showcase.

From there you build a portfolio and use that as a gateway towards creating. You are able to access your work on a professional and amateur level--and find a spark every time you zoom in.

You trust your work, and are proud of it. You build up other work and let your vision define what you see. You capture moments where they don’t exist.

You zoom in, and zoom out. You find Perspective.

You are an MPS Creative.

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