Building Connections + Holding Interviews

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

It’s long been said that establishing relationships in the professional industries leads to new opportunities and connections in the workforce, which is very true. You could meet someone at the library, who works for a creative firm and you become their new intern. Or, you could make a friend whose aunt is actually a designer like you, and the next thing you know, you’re sending models down runways. Whatever industry you’re rooting yourself in, you have a slim to none chance of breaking in without knowing the people around you, personally or professionally. This not only will increase your chances of growth, but also your knowledge of your future careers. On top of that, almost all careers will require some sort of interview, and the ability to interview others in the sense of getting to know them. Oftentimes, one is prepared for their own interviews, but if you ever have to interview someone else, it can be challenging!

Here are a few tips on how to gain connections and hold interviews:

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1: Decide whether this is an encounter that benefits

This doesn’t mean only staying in touch with a person that benefits you, but instead finding people who you truly think have potential to benefit the both of you in the future. Keeping in touch with a good amount is important, but don’t feel you have to be in touch with everyone out there! If someone offers you an opportunity that you can’t commit to yet, feel free to stay in touch with him or her, to help both of you in the future. Your services may be needed, and their benefits are going to help you grow. That being said, don’t be discouraged if there are multiple people chasing the same opportunity, which decreases your chances of it being there when you are able to fulfill it. Choosing carefully can benefit you in the short and long run, which is when it comes to your passions.

2: Holding an Interview

Here at MPS, we’re always interviewing, whether it be written or verbal interviews. It's important to gage a person’s work from their personality, which comes through their writing and speech. Here are some tips and questions to ask during an interview:

a: Cover the 5 W's

Who, what, where, when, and why are the 5 W's that almost all of us have heard of before, but are often overlooked or missed when asking questions. Who are they, what and why are they inspired by to continue what they’re doing, where do they draw this inspiration from, and when did they start? By covering each of these questions in their own variation, it ensures you’ve broadened to briefly encounter any information you should know. From there, go into detail.

b: Decide what type of interview you’re holding.

A written interview, verbal, or virtual each require their own planning and preparation. If you are directly speaking, you’ll only need a few questions which can branch out to more in conversation. If you’re emailing them questions, or sending them, you’ll need to either cover everything or send follow ups after you begin putting responses together.

c: If the person you’re interviewing has accomplishments they are best known for, or trying to be known for, make sure to include those.

If you’re interviewing a musician, and they just released a new single, make sure to cover that in the interview, or however you plan on displaying them. The same thing applies to other industries, etc.

Overall, have fun! Especially if you’re having a verbal interview, actually care about getting to know the person, not just because it’s your responsibility, but also your passion. In the long run, these connections could help you more than you know!

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