Trying New Things

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

This may seem like a really easy thing to do. However, as an artist, trying new things, and walking outside your comfort zone can be really difficult. I struggle with this as well. I create one really intriguing piece and I want to do the same thing over and over again because last time it was interesting, right? Yes, last time!! This is not just a reminder for you, but also for myself. What are the guidelines that can help you think outside the box and do a variety of things?

photo by Will Koning

Try conceptual pieces: This is something a lot of usually photographers don’t necessarily do. Although, in my opinion, they hold the most bearing on you as an artist and what you have to say. It can distinguish your artistic abilities and ideas from others. Conceptual pieces will push you way far outside your comfort zone and literally force you to think differently than usual because you are conveying something different each time.

Do the opposite of what you are doing now: this might seem random or unhelpful, but this can also accelerate creativity and help you broaden your horizons as an emerging artist. If you do really beautiful and cute photos, try something bold or shocking or scary even. If you do bold, shocking, or scary, try something light and happy.

Start an artistic investigation or portfolio: choose a topic or a point of great joy or great distress in your life or the life of someone else and explore them artistically. Use your artwork as a way to display the story of others or your own story. This can create diversity in your work as people’s lives have so many ups and downs.

Just go and make some new art!

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