What We Are: MPS Perspective

Updated: Sep 8, 2019

MPS has taken the creative process to the next level, now telling the story behind the act.

photo by nikki sepasyar

As an artist, one is faced with two tasks: to create, and to tell their story through whatever they may be creating. That is precisely what MPS is here to do. Through our meet-ups and features we provide an opportunity and motivation to create. It’s made that much easier to find, connect, and shoot with people who have similar interests as their own. MPS Perspective is the second part of this: to tell a story.

By having any involvement with photography, whether it be in front of or behind the camera, it quickly is clear there is a lot that goes on beyond the product of the actual pictures. There is coordinating calendars, shooting, editing, delivering the pictures, sharing them on social media and/or any other way to get the pictures out there for the public eye, and still after all that you can only hope someone will come to you interested in your service. And that’s just the technical parts. Beyond whatever steps are being followed to make the actual photography, one has to find inspiration and creativity somehow before 6:30PM on Friday for their shoot.

MPS Perspective is here to explain everything. From intimate interviews with teenage creatives, to tips and tricks to make your work even better, Perspective has it all. Perspective is here to give guidance and teach about what all goes on to create art and to become good at it.

So, what makes this unique? Perspective is from students, for students. This is for the person who wants to learn to start their business while balancing school and sports. By having intimate guides from people who don’t work full time as a photographer or model, someone who wants to take their hobby to the next level has a perfect guide to do so.

As of now, a couple of articles have been posted to give you a taste of what MPS Perspective is all about, but I hope we can continue to add more with your help! Go to the Submit tab for inquiries about becoming a contributor!

Thank you so much for everything, and on behalf of everyone from MPS, we are excited for more to come.

- Justina Brandt @shotbyjustina

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